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Lucy Liu Teasing Us With Her Tits

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Lucy Liu may have grown up conflicted and confused between her Asian identity and her American upbringing, in Jackson Heights, New York of all places.  But I’m sure she’s pretty comfortable with who she is now, and she can easily use every aspect of her heritage to her advantage.  Here we see her tapping her inner geisha with some teasing photos, giving us a peek at her titties.  Tittilating isn’t it?  Seeing her dressed in virginal white yet showing off her boobies is a real turn on, even when those breasts aren’t even exposed, but just showing through the see-through fabric.  The other pic has her going topless though, with her skirt being the translucent element there, showing off her white panties in a classy garden setting.  Now that’s even more sexually satisfying, isn’t it?  This celebrity really knows how to please…

Lucy is one hot chick who can fulfill every guy’s Far Eastern fantasies, and if you’re still not convinced, just check out this link to see Lucy Liu doing more than teasing us with her breasts.  This Angel can be a really naughty little devil when she wants to!