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Lucy Liu gives hot handjob and blowjob

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Lucy Liu gets facialed while giving a handjob

American actress with Asian roots, Lucy Liu and her exotic charm, can make any man weak on their knees the moment she strips naked and holds their hard cock, giving a hot handjob and blowjob at the same time. She’s quite effortless making this particular man horny and hard with her skills that she made him cum so easily.

Lucy Liu’s ass exposed!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

There is no way in hell am I going to live with myself without sharing  to the world what I truly think about Lucy Liu. This oriental sex goddess is perfection in every way and let these Lucy Liu leaked naked pics prove you my point. Just admire how her body is carved by the gods, she looks like one of those expensive Chinese porcelain dolls they feature in museums…fragile and very tempting to touch.

That is why this is the closest I can get to reaching out to Lucy Liu. I’ve posted these very revealing photos showing Lucy Liu topless with a look of absolute seduction in the eyes. No one can stare you down like a feisty tigress hungry for human flesh than this asian love doll. In this other pic, you can see Lucy Liu’s ass as she bends over on the floor…if you ask me what things I would do to her soft silky ass, maybe the better question would be, what are the things I wouldn’t do. More of Lucy Liu’s hot naked pics for you to enjoy over in this site!

Lucy Liu Loves Sucking Cock

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Lucy Liu first piqued our interest as the feisty and spunky Ling Woo on “Ally McBeal“.  She was a sexy little minx in that role, and I’m sure that’s when many Lucy Liu fantasies started among the male population.  One of my hottest fantasies about Lucy Liu has got to be seeing that exotic face with its lips wrapped around my meat.  Well, we’ve found some images showing Lucy Liu doing just that!  Lucy looks so desirable sucking cock in these pics, and whoever these guys are, they’re such lucky bastards to get their pole waxed like that.  It doesn’t look like she’s afraid to take on big cocks too, as it shows in one pic where she’s just been splattered with that guy’s cum.  She obviously satisfied his big cock real good, and she’s enjoying the sticky fruits of her labors in that shot.  Boy, is Lucy Liu one kinky little slut, or what?  If she’s this good at erotic oral action, just imagine how her tight, sexy Asian body would perform when going all the way!  For a taste of that kind of sizzling hot carnal session, check out this site and see how well she does it there…

Lucy Liu’s Naughty Nude Pictorial At Home

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

We don’t know who she was with when she had these photos taken, but whoever they are, he (or she) is one lucky person.  That’s because Lucy Liu is wearing something sexy for them, and then taking it off until she’s reclining naked in an overstuffed chair, looking calm and composed but actually feeling very horny inside.  She’s very good at masking her emotions I guess, having had to grow up as a child of immigrants who always made sure she performed well in her studies.  With that kind of pressure, which is typical with Asian parents, I’m sure Lucy is pretty good at masking her true emotions.

So how do we know that she’s feeling horny in these pics?  Well, it’s just something we assume, and besides, how could she not be, when she’s raising her top to show off her titties to whoever’s holding the camera, and then later on she’s got nothing on except for panties that have been rolled down, and black lace stockings on each leg.  Damn, this babe is so hot, and she’s absolutely desirable whether she’s playing it coy (like right here), or being the one in charge (which she always is, even when she’s playing it coy)!  Lucy Liu is a real seductress and that’s why love her onscreen, or in the pages of naughty sites like this one!

And speaking of naughty sites, there’s more of Lucy Liu nude when you click on that link back there and check out the site it leads to!